physical exhibition

We are aiming to decentralise the most powerful resources of the 21st century, scarce knowledge. We believe that science is using an exclusive language in an excuse of efficiency, and we feel the urge to step in and bridge the gap between science and humans with visuals
We are concentrated on proposing solutions while creating a discussion.

Location: Amsterdam, Gerrit Rietveld Academy

Body Evolusion 

Natural body evolusion b emitting metaballs in a high density using the particles system. We chose to use the particles system because it is influenced by artificial physics, thus creates a more natural shape.
The virtual perfection is inperfection.
Nature is always being driven by a purpose. Might be known, or unknown.
We believe, that humans are going to extract formulas and models out of nature and imply them into our systems. It will start with the way human regenerates itself and could end we the way humans constitute a democracy/organisation.

This simulation was created with Blender 2.9.

Line Evolution “Start from the heart”

“Everything started from the heart”. This is how Idan started his creative journey.
We created a mesh that resembles Idan Army shirt. And wrote a code based on the “find the shortest path” algorithm to generate a spline from the heart to the rest of the body.
This simulation is still under development.

This simulation was created with Blender 2.83.


the methadology simulation replicates the way Idan was working in the physical world. Along with the evolution, Idan created the shapes while continuing the cut he did in the previous body. In this way, he could work in a completely zero-waste technique to generate shapes.

The methodology simulation was created with Blender 2.84.