Deity Naturing is a project focused on the consequences of DNA Editing on the peoplekind, led by a graphic designer and a visual artist Kirill Zakomoldin and Idan Grady, a futurist creator and a fashion designer.

We developed three different sites that correlate to various aspects of DNA editing. The concept of MDNA is a way to self reflect on the developments in these categories from a modified perspective.

There are three aspects of the realization of the project that we are currently working on:

As a part of the body as a site, Idan took the military uniform that he wore during the war as the base for physical evolution. By editing the “DNA” of the clothing through the means of a zero-waste self-invented technique. He is deforming the shape of the uniform until it can not be recognized anymore.

The AR is the representation of the link as a site. It is the interface of the ‘body as a site’. How does the relationship change between the human and nonhuman in the environment, when we edit the DNA of the ‘body as a site’ - this the question that we ask ourselves in this part of the project.

The virtual environment is the representation of the mind as a site. It is a way to embody our vision in immersive design.

Living in an exciting time when the understanding of our interconnectivity is clearer than ever before... we believe in the urgency of this project. We are here to raise awareness by making people consider the implications of DNA editing.