We live in an exciting time when the technological renaissance is closer than our own shadow. Humanity knows more than ever about Nature and biology and beyond that its lost, forgotten history. We are experiencing the first step in the transition of posthuman evolution. But can we navigate the direction of our metamorphosis? And if not, who has the power to do so?

DeityNaturing is an artist-driven research project focused on the consequences of DNA Editing on the peoplekind.
DeityNaturing is a multilayered project that  by provoking the mind, aims to deliver our message. Each layer goes on a different existence of reality: Physical, Biological, Augmented, and Virtual.

Body as a site
To explore the Body as a site, Idan took the military uniform that he wore during a war he participated in the military service in Israel as the base for the physical evolution of the body. He edited the “DNA” of the (uni)form through the means of a zero-waste self-invented technique. It started in the past and ends in the future. Where could the “simple” shape of the army shirt end, when he gradually cuts through rectangle pieces of material?

Link as a site
The AR (Augmented Reality) is the representation of the link as a site. It is the interface of the ‘body as a site’. How does the relationship change between the human and nonhuman in the environment when we edit the DNA of the ‘body as a site’? – this is the question that we ask ourselves in this part of the project. To explore it, we are looking into the relationship between animals and humans, sociological and relations 0f races in humanity, harmful and beneficial bacteria, and territory occupation between trees.

Mind as a site
The virtual environment is the representation of the mind as a site. It is a way to embody our vision in immersive design. In this section of the project, we aim to use our pure imagination, and the understanding in psychology to create an environment that would raise feelings. It is an emotional experience more than anything else. We aim to get support from HCI (Human-computer interaction) designers and behavioral psychologists for this section.

Skin as a site
We live in the materialist world as we say, but we don’t have the respect for materials.

The world of materialism is going into a new phase in human history. In our vision, living organisms will be the core of all future materials. Future humanity will enhance nature’s power to manifest its needs. In the world of today, humanity has two dominant sources of materials, natural and synthetic. Each one has special features, yet its own limitation.

Creating bio-materials is at the intersection between design and biology and allows humans to have an innovative multi-functional source.

Idan reached out to De Waag, a social organization that operates at the intersection of science, technology, and the arts. He shared the ideas of the project with them and asked for a collaborative outcome in that field. For this project, they offered us an intensive one-on-one course with Cecilia Raspanti, an innovative designer, that explored the field of future materials for many years. Idan will do a Microbiological-Textile course with her to study how to grow the bacteria and extract them on the fabric.

We Concern, We Believe.
While discussing the base ideas behind the Deity Naturing project, Kirill and Idan shared critical attitudes toward implementing cutting edge technologies on the different spectrums. Kirill emphasized that only recently contemporary technology was not even closely imaginable on such a scale. In many aspects, new technologies are unnatural, as humanity doesn't have much time to reflect on implementing certain things into reality. As species, we are becoming very dependent on the technologies we develop, but in his view, it does not necessarily have to be a destructive thing. Kirill believes that though the use of those technologies from distinct critical and self-reflective perspectives Deity Naturing can question our adopted biases.

Idan is concerned that designers and scientists are replacing the authentic life on earth through the means of technology. In his perception, Robots should not look like humans and virtual environments should explore what we can't explore today. We have an intriguing opportunity to push the boundaries of our existence. Idan thinks that as a species, we have to accept the unknown and overcome the fear of the unfamiliar. Humanity should accept the fact that it can not know everything. But only by consciously pushing the limitation of today, humankind can design its future.

In our perspective, the important factor is teaching and learning critical, inventive, and open thinking. We believe that humanity will see amazing technologies develop and come into reality in the next decade on the intersection of art, hi-tech, and biology that will be closely integrated with nature. Our conceptualization of those topics is the chief reason for the existence of the Deity Naturing project. We aim to start the discussion of the posthuman futurism to prepare humanity for the next paradigm shift. We aim to ask questions but at the same time learn as well.