Hey, it is Idan, ID:311355853.

We are here in Han Jones, Gaza stript. From a mission to another one, with not much sleep in between..  Everybody keeps on dying around us. Evening after evening a different commander comes into the house with a long list, list of deaths. Most of them belong to the younger Recruitment cycle.

Sadness mixed with fear colored as mud. Sticky and dusty.

There are so many brave men around me, they never take their head down. But deep down, I am shaking. I have the feeling I am stepping slowly to the circle of death.

Something bad is about to happen, and I can do nothing to prevent it. We are about to leave the house in two hours for a huge mission. My group is going to lead the entire regiment and occupy the new village. Your son is number two in the walking order.

I would like to share with you some things from my heart.

I am proud to be your son, the Gradies! Such a special spirit you all have, full of happiness, positivity, and supportiveness. Our grandfather, Zion, always wished for, “You should stay together like a fist. Sadness mixed with fear colored as mud, I want to add some glory in the shake of madness, maybe even some blood.

Will I die? I was helping around as much as I could my whole life. Has my mission been completed?

Oh, and by the way, Yuvy Gatzit, from my high school, is also here with me!!!!

Such a good surprise. He is the commander of the reconnaissance platoon, where I am at. So I am in good hands.

One soldier member got shock stress during our encounter. Frozen with deep sadness in his eyes, he was taken back to Israel. Barely able to speak a word out of his mouth. But don't be worried about me, I will be fine. Apart from my back though, it's itching non stop from wearing this shitty vest for so long.

But I got some cream for it yesterday, so it will get better soon hopefully.

And by the way, the army keeps on sharing with us some sandwiches from Israel, each one of them is like a wave of supportive energy. But I feel your energy especiay.

Fear fixed with pride, colored with a dark mesh layer of love, but don't add the blood to the mug Idan, Mom says, It is too early for you.

It does not matter what happens to me, I am always for you, supporting you, and want to be with you.

With a lot of love and appreciation.

Wish me luck
Your firstborn, Idan.

Being alive!

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