By asking those questions we are aiming to raise awareness about the consciousness of DNA Editing on the future of humankind

  1. How would you react, if your child came out to you as non-human?
  2. What are (for you) the ethical questions of DNA Editing?
  3. How DNA editing would affect the human race?
  4. You just learned that your partner, who has immunodeficiency, wants to participate in a DNA Enhancement experiment. If the experiment is successful, they will develop super immunity, and possibly extend their life for at least 30 years. However the side effects are unclear, but you know that your child will have unpredictable DNA mutations. What is your reaction?
  5. Would the concept of race and gender become irrelevant when we are able to edit the DNA?
  6. What do you think the role of capitalism/communism in the DNA Editing would be?
  7. Will corporations and governments biologically manipulate emotions in humans? And what would be the legal grounds for them to do or not to do so?
  8. Is your DNA raw data that you own? If yes, from what age. If not, what the legal grounds are? should it be when you take control over it?
  9. What are the differences and similarities between cyber-modifications and DNA editing regulations? Sidenote: Zachary, could help us with formulating this one:)
  10. How do you think the rising threat of biohazards will affect the economic and governmental system? - Adopt the “coronavirus” to make it relevant
  11. Do you believe being human is a question of identity or biology?